Dr. Elisa Peavey

Dr. Elisa Peavey

Osteopathic Physician . Author . Speaker . Reiki Master . Spiritual Intuitive & Healer

It’s my mission to help you unlock your greatest potential, manifest your biggest dreams, and heal your deepest wounds.


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Bodhi:  n.  knowledge, truth, enlightenment, a term in Buddhism leading to nirvana.

After following the advice of Dr, Peavey, I am no longer on antidepressants or anxiety medication. I have lost 15 lbs by incorporating morning walks, fruits and vegetable, vitamin supplements and meditation. Within a week of these changes, my outlook on life changed dramatically. I even caught myself whistling throughout the day when before, all I wanted to do was hide out in my bedroom.

-Hector C.

I’m a busy, working Mom, deep in the midst of menopause… complete with brain fog, hot flashes, insomnia and weight gain, not to mention the anxiety and ADD that have both been with me throughout my life. A friend suggested I talk to Dr. Peavey. I was skeptical, thinking “I don’t have time to add one more thing to my schedule.” Dr. Peavey helped me realize the importance of putting my health first. If I don’t take good care of myself, how will I take good care of our family or set a good example for our girls? She has changed my life, I thank her, my family thanks her.

-Aimee J.

Dr. Peavey is attentive and knowledgeable. She REALLY listens and guides me to the best treatments for me and my children.

-Jose R.

Dr. Peavey has helped with everything from gut health to labor and delivery of my son. I’ve learned about my unique reaction to various foods which has empowered me to make mindful decisions regarding my diet. Dr. Peavey has always taken a holistic approach with an exceptional bedside manner. She will look at the big picture including how the environment is affecting physical and mental health, rather than prescribing more and more medications. She is incredibly knowledgeable, understanding, and patient!

-Tara M.

Dr. Peavey was my OB, my daughters pediatrician and our family care doctor. She is the best Dr. in her field in Central Oregon . Always putting the patient first and using both traditional and holistic approaches to treat and relieve the issues at hand. She not only listens to her patients, she also hears her patients. #bestdocever#

-Laila H.

By far the best doctor I have been to. She takes great care of her patients and has a wonderful, sweet personality!

-Mylissa G.

Dr. Peavey is an experienced, engaging, highly compassionate family doctor who possesses a fund of knowledge regarding the drivers for health and wellness that would make most family doctors jealous. She has taken her time to scour the available literature for evidence-based recommendations and therapies for some of medicine’s most vexing problems. The current health care system is so broken, that patients often go outside of traditional medicine in search of answers for the problems that, in their rushed 15 minutes, most physicians do not have time to address.

-Laura P., M.D.

The only doctor in my life I have ever looked forward to seeing.

-Linda C.

I have worked with Dr. Peavey as a colleague for five plus years. The feedback I received consistently from her patients was that she is a thoughtful physician and good listener. She is always willing to think outside the box. Her patients loved her for the fact that she would consider both traditional and more holistic approaches to care. Dr. Peavey has always been a go to referral for me when my patients have been looking for a new primary care physician. I’m sad to see her leave clinical practice as I know she will be sorely missed by all her patients!

-Emmy Lawrason – Kobobel DO

Dr. Peavey is an amazing Doctor who got me through some of the toughest times in my life. When my weight and depression were spiraling, she accurately diagnosed my hormone condition, and was quickly able to treat both my physical and mental health without the need for piles of long term prescriptions (I take low dose meds and everything else is holistic/vitamins/diet).

When it was believed I was infertile, her diet, exercise type, and supplement information resulted in pregnancy.

When I seriously injured my back, she refused to allow other doctors’ offices to give me the runaround and finally got m the treatment I needed. When that pain trauma triggered fibromyalgia in my body, she helped me mange the pain in ways the prescriptions just could not do alone.

I have no idea what her content is going to look like. but listen to the trailer, and decide if $22,22 is worth finding out how to live a better life. She gave me a better life.

-Kathryn Osborne