Roe V Wade

The Ethical and Moral Implications of its Overturning

By Elisa Peavey, DO

The United States Supreme Court Justices just overturned Roe Vs Wade.

What does this mean?

If you were to ask, I’d tell you I am pro-life.  Pro-life in the sense that I believe everything should be done to ensure minimal risk of trauma to every soul-life involved.  Soul to mean “soul-ray” which by definition is the individual soul of energy from each lifetime.  Where one life includes the pre-existence, a physical human lifetime, and a post-existence.  Each soul-ray is a part of a bigger Us, some call it our “Oversoul” or Higher Self.  I picture it like an octopus with the head being the oversoul and the arms being each individual soul-ray or lifetime.

As souls we incarnate multiple lifetimes, play multiple people and roles, and gain multiple lifetimes of perspective.  Our spiritual evolution and growth occurs most during our physical incarnations (though that part of our individual soul ray is often a smaller timeline compared with our pre and post-life existences).  See above picture for reference.

We incarnate on Earth to evolve and grow spiritually and learn all aspects and perspectives of the Universe.  As its through those perspectives may we understand the Universe in all of its entirety and complexity.  We grow spiritually when experiencing the value of unconditional love and service just as we learn important lessons when we lie, steal, and cheat others.  Often not fully realized and/or learned until death occurs and we’re having our life review.

I recommend reading “Many Lives, Many Masters”, by Brian Weiss, for more on this fascinating topic.  He’s a psychiatrist who began learning about past lives and the major importance in healing them as they have a major impact on our current lives.

Every traumatic event and lifetime experience leaves with it an energetic imprint that we often take with us into our next life.  An example would be of a person who experienced a traumatic death from drowning.  In this lifetime they’re terrified of water, but have no clue as to why.

From a karmic perspective, it may be that the person cheated their best friend in one lifetime and in another they’re learning how it feels to be cheated themselves.

When considering abortion, the moral and ethical question would be to ask, “What is the best outcome with the least amount of generational and emotional trauma to ALL souls involved?”

For example, is it better for a soul to experience an abortion (which are and can be very brutal) or a lifetime of pain and suffering?   Because for many women, being forced to become a single parent at a young age will increase their risk of living a life full of poverty, addiction, and complete dependency on the welfare system.

So what does it matter if a life is saved if it’s saved for a lifetime of difficulty?

I’d personally never abort a healthy pregnancy (healthy meaning low risk of problems to myself or baby) as I feel these souls come to us for a reason and they were divinely chosen.

However, I understand that my experiences and ability to cope with an unwanted and/or difficult pregnancy are different than everyone else.  I have different life experiences, different resources and a stable family that is very supportive.   Many of these parents have none of that and are doing it entirely on their own.  While it’s wonderful that so many donate to fundraisers, give their time to charities that support these young parents, or help them with the babysitting, I can absolutely tell you that the emotional, physical, and financial strain on these young, usually single parents is not only sad, its devastating.  Which is why the decision to abort is a one that a woman should be making with her medical provider. One that evaluates the medical and spiritual health and safety of all involved, before making the decision.

So how could our government reverse a ruling that is taking a woman’s fundamental rights from her?  Her right to choose whether to keep or terminate a pregnancy?

Several statements are important to reflect on such as “My Body, My Choice”, “Medical necessity”, and   “Sanctity of life”.

As a side note I have to mention the hypocrisy of the statement “My Body, My Choice” as the ones now screaming this statement were the ones demanding and mandating that others get a treatment that hadn’t been fully studied yet.  Mind-boggling for sure.

To fully understand what’s happening, I feel its just as it’s important to take a look back at what’s happened the last several months.

Did you know that Virginia just passed a law allowing third trimester abortions?  By this time the perinate is fully formed and if allowed a normal birth, would typically survive.  Even if born early.

The problem is that aborting a child in the late 2nd or 3rd trimester is both horrific and inhumane.  Its analogous to someone being killed by ripping their limbs from their body.  Many are still born alive, often left to die without medical intervention.  Its abhorrent and cruel especially as I see the emotional and subconscious impacts someone’s birth has on a person’s life.   For example, patients who’ve struggled being on time their entire life, often come to find out they were born two weeks late.

Or the patient who had the cord wrapped 3 times, almost died, and had to be rescued by the doctor, now has a subconscious belief system and pattern of behavior of “never quite getting there” or “always feeling held back” their entire life.

Thankfully woman now have the ability to know if they are pregnant very early and/or have the opportunity to get a morning-after pill or other, eliminating the need for a late 2nd or 3rd trimester abortion and decreasing chances the unborn soul will suffer such a horrific ending.

Bringing us full circle, as I truly believe due to certain states enacting new laws and/or working towards allowing 3rd trimester abortions, the Supreme Court Justices felt they had no other option but to reverse Roe V Wade and return the decision back to the states.  In their mind, the idea of allowing such an abhorrent act was both inhumane and against the sanctify and quality of life.  They did not want to be connected to a precedent which allows such an abortion.

So for now our job is to actively get each state to work on its own abortion laws.  Laws that ensure the least amount of harm to each SOUL involved.  To minimize the most trauma for I believe we should be asking the same fundamental questions.

Does keeping this pregnancy…

  • Significantly put the life of Mom at risk compared to life of baby? (this includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual harm)
  • Significantly decrease Mom or fetus’s quality of life? (this is DIFFERENT for each person)
  • Does the pregnancy increase the risk of injury and/or death of either Mom or fetus? (Fetal deformities, pregnancy abnormalities, uterine concerns, etc)
  • What are the financial, psychological, physical, and emotional implications? (This is very important as the emotional, psychological and financial impact is potentially huge). An example would be of an infant born with trisomy 18 where the median life expectancy is 2 months for boys and 10 months for girls.
    • Hospitalized entire time
    • No quality of life
    • Huge emotional strain on the health system, family, friends, and other children

When you speak with families, they’ll tell you they loved having the opportunity to meet these little ones, even if for a short time.  But they will also tell you the heartbreak, the agonizing months of rushing back and forth from the hospital, in-between work, other kids, and everything else life is doing at the moment was a very difficult and stressful time in their lives.  Many of them developed health issues, lost their jobs, savings, homes, and sometimes marriages.  In conversations with my patients and families who have gone through these experiences I can tell you many would do it all over again.  Spend the sleepless, worried, nights and months loving the soul that came into their world for a short time and grateful for the experience.  Just as many however would have opted otherwise, spared the soul a short life of pain and suffering as well as the difficult, emotional, and painful journey of having a child born with a very short life expectancy and the heartache it brings watching them suffer and slowly die, while hooked to multiple tubes and wires.

Other families will tell you they defied the recommendations from the physician and their child survived and still lives.  Still yet are those who defied the recommendations and wonder if they’ve made the right decision.

Regardless of the decision its difficult.  And painful.  And parents often wonder if they made the right choice.

At least they had a choice.

A few years ago, I had the incredible opportunity to support a patient through the Oregon Death With Dignity act.  It was a wonderful experience to allow someone dealing with chronic, debilitating, COPD, to pass peacefully into the open, eager arms of those she loved, and who passed on before her.

Often the dignified and right thing is to protect those we love from pain and suffering over “saving” their physical Earth life.  Saving a pregnancy for a life of suffering is not necessarily the best and may be a disservice for ALL involved, the soul most importantly.

Even “healthy” pregnancies have medical and necessary reasons to terminate.  Take for example the young woman who’s been raped by her abuser and husband.  Who’s threatened to kill her.  And who she believes will only use their child as a pawn.

And now in some states, she’s supposed to just deal with it?  Be OK to tie herself to a man who has raped, hurt, and threatened to kill her?  Insist that she “suck-it-up” and make nice with the future father of her unwanted pregnancy?

The intensity and enormity of the emotional trauma this would have on the woman and her future child is HUGE and will typically impact them the entirety of their lives.  Playing itself out in all future relationships, in their ability to trust her partners, self, and most importantly deeply impacting their ability for emotional stability.

Imagine the difficulty in bonding with a child who was created in pain, not love.  And not because the child is bad or unworthy of love but because Mom is emotionally wounded and unable to be there for her child in the way the child needs a parent to be.

On the flip-side we find similar mom-child relationships that are very close and they’ve bonded regardless of the initial circumstances.

Meaning, it’s not the same for everyone.

For many the complexity and lifetime of issues surrounding not feeling wanted, loved, feeling unworthy, or being a child of a rapist becomes an all-consuming part of their lives.

But they should just “suck it up” right?

What about the potential long-term sequela of the costs and financial strains on the system? As most of these mothers have Medicaid and are living off the government in some way or another.  Whether it’s section-8 housing or food stamps.

Due to PTSD from the trauma itself, the majority deal with chronic anxiety or depression and require regular access to pharmaceuticals and psychotherapy in addition to regular appointments with their physicians.

A life-long impact.

I also know girls and women who’ve made the difficult decision to abort and years later regretted that decision while others are still grateful for the freedom they had to choose their outcome.

Do you see where this is all headed?

We are not a one-sized-fits-all and to take a fundamental right taken away is not only wrong, it’s morally, ethically, and medically dangerous.

However, I also believe there are abortion laws that are morally and ethically wrong and should be overturned.

Let’s go back to the drawing board. Start at the state level.  And make this about ensuring the least amount of residual and painful trauma for all Souls.


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