Remembering Me

Remembering Me is an autobiographical account of the spiritual awakening and dark night of the soul experienced by the author, Dr. Elisa Peavey.  In this transformative story, she tells of discovering several of the famous people she’s been in history and the wisdom these discoveries led to in her personal and professional life. Discover how the signs, clues, and synchronicities came together for Dr. Peavey. She shares her journey to uncovering important universal truths such as where we came from, where we are going, the Zero-Point Field, and soul ascension. This story is instructive and will help any reader learn how one is energetically connected to everything in the Universe; including God.

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What’s inside

Chapter 1

It’s been predicted for ages. And talked about it in most religions.

The religion I grew up in called it the Second Coming.

Throughout the centuries, predictions by seers, latter day prophets, and even the Pope himself believe that Jesus of Nazareth will walk among us again in his physical state.

And while I’ll tell you he most certainly lived and ascended his lifetime and agree that his consciousness and essence is very much alive today, it is not as many religions would have you believe.

I’ll also tell you that much of his teachings, in the modern Bible, were intentionally and contextually changed and mistranslated, as well as the teachings of many others.  In 1947 the dead sea scrolls were discovered along with close to 200 copies of books from the Hebrew Bible, representing some of the earliest evidence of biblical text in the world.  In contrast to the King James Version, these manuscripts show and confirm different understandings and translations of the same text and script. 

Translations which I believe were intentionally changed by an elite few, not wanting us knowing the truth of who and what we truly are.  They kept from us the truth of what we’re capable of becoming and the truth of the healing potential we all have within. 

Much of what is taught in churches and religions around the world contradicts what I’ve come to know as Universal Law, comprising the ultimate laws that run our Universe. Unfortunately, these contradictions significantly hinder and detour us from our intended spiritual and evolutionary destination.

About the author.

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Dr. Elisa Peavey comes from a family of healers; her father is an obstetrician and gynecologist and her mother is an energy healer. This perspective growing up, her medical research, as well as her own inner revelations are why she now leans more into the spiritual, the alternative, and the mystical; in medicine and her personal life.  As an Osteopathic physician, Dr. Peavey works full-time in an OB Women’s clinic delivering babies, she is also a speaker and writer on health and the Zero-Point Field. Her work includes hosting health and healing retreats to assist others in staying psychically protected, clearing their emotional and generational trauma, and connecting to their higher selves.  Through her teachings, diagnostic techniques, and intuitive seeing, she helps others come into their own personal inner-knowing.  Dr. Peavey lives in the magical beauty of Idaho, has been married to her husband for over 20 years, and has three high-energy and spirited teenage daughters.  She lives to travel, experience good food, and loves everything about nature and the next grand adventure.

Dr. Elisa Peavey, DO