Thank You for Joining the CHN!

Please give us 48-72 hours to update your information into our provider referral program and verify your licensure.


If you have a picture of you or your place of business, please send to me via email at as it really adds a personal touch when others are looking to find a healer. The final picture will be formatted as a square on the web site, so take that in to account when you are choosing. The picture should be at least 500 pixels  x 500 pixels to make sure it looks good.

We are very committed to cooperative healing and spreading the message about each of you!  Currently we are building our database of practitioners, finding content about their specialties, interviewing founders, gaining testimonials, and learning as much as we can about all of YOU so we can share it right here at Bodhi.  Eventually you will all have video content about your speciality within your specialty page. If you would like to be a part of this process please reach out to our team at the above email. We are very interested in any and all content or knowledge you may have about your craft.

Thank you again and Welcome to Bodhi!!


Elisa Peavey, DO