Rapid Eye Technology

Rapid Eye Technology (RET) is a quicker and less painful way of reaching and releasing emotional elements of abuse, addiction, family and relationship patterns, depression, anger, and grief. The emotional stress we experience can be released and retained by our body and mind – RET aims to end this cycle.

In a rapid eye session, you will sit in a chair and blink your eyes rapidly. This turns on the emotional center of your brain and sends the message that there is a balance (between the light and dark). Our RET expert will wave an eye-directing device (it looks like a wand) in front of your eyes very quickly. Your brain will pick up these movements and send messages between your right and left brain. While you are blinking, your RET guide will say words aloud in rapid succession (such as fear, sadness, never good enough, anxiety, etc.) When we say a word that pertains to anything that your brain/system is holding on to, you will be triggered. People show evidence of triggers in many ways, such as crying, laughing, yawning, and physical sensations in the eyes or other parts of the body.


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