Quick Tips

quick tip #1

UTI Prevention Tips

If you someone who gets frequent UTI’s here are tips for prevention:
Limit soda, all processed sugar, caffeine and highly acid foods.
If you are female, always urinate after intercourse and wipe from front to back.
Drink half your body weight in ounces of water (not juice or tea) every day.
Drink 16oz of celery juice each morning, on an empty stomach.
D-Mannose daily.
Daily probiotic with at least 8 different types of bacteria and at least 10 billion bacteria per capsule.
Cranberry pills (not cranberry juice.
If you have tried everything else, look into any emotional component that may be playing a role in your reoccurring UTI’s.



quick tip #2

What is Rapid Eye Technology?

RET or Rapid Eye Technology is a treatment modality that works on the premise that one of the BEST times to process our negative emotions is while we sleep. It utilizes the same eye movements we naturally do while in REM and can help process everything from birth up to present day.

The creator founded this modality to help her Autistic son and is used frequently for PTSD!


quick tip #3

Fibromyalgia Do’s and Dont’s

Ways to help manage your Fibromyalgia.
1. Most always linked to anxiety, depression, or other mental disorder.
2. Inflammatory disorder. Avoid corn, soy, dairy, gluten, canola oil, and eggs
3. Exercise
4. Fascia Blaster
5. Magnesium and B12 Vegan Safe

quick tip #4

Direct Primary Care

What is Direct Primary Care?
1. Same day or next day appointments. Need a half hour, no problem. They make the time that YOU need because there is NO fee for service AND no middleman, insurance, telling your doctor what you can and can’t do. Meaning your DOCTOR has TIME to spend with you!
2. At cost or no cost for a variety of common medications. Knew someone who received a week’s worth of antibiotics for $0.83.
3. Little to no cost for MOST in office procedures, details vary depending on DPC clinic
4. Average 400 patients/panel, whereas traditional medicine has us seeing 1800-2200 patients.
This benefit to YOU is invaluable. Your doc has the time to know your records, evaluate your lab work in better detail, and is better equipped to take care of you! And studies show that patients who spend more time with their docs are HEALTHIER! 

quick tip #5


As one of the best free and most valuable tools we have in our toolbox, there is also a lot of uncertainty into whether we’re actually doing it right? But guess what?
There is no wrong way. Just keep doing it. Even if you your mind wanders for half the time, but you come out of it and feel even a tiny bit more relaxed, happier, or lighter. Then you’ve made an impact!
If you don’t feel immediately better, that’s OK too! Do another one, go for a run, take a bubble bath, sing out loud and with full emotion to your favorite song. Do anything that will raise your endorphins to feel good. And then do the meditation again. Because it works!
And as soon as you start creating the positive FEELINGS that are associated with what you want, THAT is where your power lies. That is how you’ll start manifesting the life of your dreams.  

quick tip #6

Bodhi Bucks Program

Introducing Bodhi Bucks
You can earn them simply by referring the Quantal U Series to friends, family and other practitioners. Use those bucks for services or consults with any of the practitioners inside our Cooperative Healing Network, including myself!
Enroll 3 practitioners (3P) – $25 Bodhi bucks
2P + 1 individual subscriber (1IS) – $20 Bodhi Bucks
1P + 2IS – $15 Bodhi Bucks
3IS – $10 Bodhi Bucks
It’s as easy as sharing and having them put your name in the comments section when they sign up.


quick tip #7

We Are Energy Beings!

We Are Energy Beings!!
Our energy field goes out about 6-8 feet from our bodies. Things that happen in our lives create blockages in our energy field which can lead to all sorts of disease states. 

quick tip #8

Your Emotions!

Here are 3 ways that emotions affect the way you live your life and how your body feels. Emotions cause stress and make a difference in everything in your life. 

quick tip #9

Diabetes Management

What are some natural ways to help manage your diabetes?
It is 100% possible to turn this disease process around!
1. Eliminate processed sugars from your diet including artificial sweeteners, these are toxic! Honey and stevia are OK
2. Anti inflammatory diet. Eliminate gluten, dairy, corn, canola oil, soy, and eggs. From Medical Medium
3. Fruit sugars are OK along with fibrous vegetables, lean meats in moderation, and healthy fats such as coconut and olive oil.
4. Exercise, cardiovascular
5. Magnesium daily
5. B12, tumeric, and ginger daily
6. Look at the emotional component!
7. Meditation – decreases stress!

quick tip #10

What is Vibrational Sound Therapy?

What IS Vibrational/Sound Therapy?
Works on the premise that our Biofield, the energy field that surrounds and permeates our bodies, is inextricably linked with our health, and we develop areas of “dissonance” when we haven’t processed and/or dealt with the emotional trauma that we ALL come across in our lives.
By clearing and processing this emotional trauma we not only positively affect our Physical health but we also impact our Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual health as well!

quick tip #11

Fascia Blaster!                               

People keep asking so decided to make a QT dedicated ONLY to the fascia blaster!
Who does it help? Everyone!!
Helps manage Chronic Musculoskeletal pain, natural detox tool, migraines, lymph congestion, nerve and fascial restrictions, hair loss, wrinkles, and of course cellulite!
Before using, please be sure to find an online tutorial and watch!! And always check with your doctor prior to use.  

quick tip #12

Managing Your Chronic Pain

Do YOU suffer from chronic Musculoskeletal pain?
1. Fascia blaster by Ashley Black – I can not say enough about this product in how it helps with a variety of pain issues. This includes Migraines!!
2. Augment your blasting with cranial sacral therapy, Osteopathic Manipulation, chiropractic care, and/or physical therapy!
3. Take daily Magnesium. A MUST!!
4. Topical or oral CBD – My favorite brands to use include Freedom CBD or a brand called Pina Co Cana. 😀
5. Sunbreeze – essential oil when used in combination with the topical CBD as mentioned above is BOMB!
6. Anti inflammatory diet. Advise eliminating gluten, dairy, corn, soy, canola oil, and eggs as recommended by Anthony Williams, Medical Medium.
7. Work on eating 80% of your diet in fruits and veggies which are NATURAL anti inflammatories! Ginger and turmeric are great additions for decreasing inflammation.
8. See someone who can HELP you clear the negative EMOTION attached to your pain or injury, as MOST likely, there is an emotional tie. And BE willing to DO the WORK! It’s work but SO. Worth. It!
Don’t wait until something big happens, YOUR Universal 2×4. Or maybe you HAVE hit rock bottom and you’re looking for that glimmer of hope. Do the WORK!
9. Meditation! INNER work is THE work!

quick tip #13

DNA and What Actually Controls Your Gene Expression

What actually controls your Gene Expression?
The answer: Epigenetics = responsible for 90% of disease.
What is epigenetics? The study of genetic control from outside our bodies. Meaning the study of how the ENVIRONMENT impacts our DNA and therefore gene expression.
But wait, doesn’t stress cause 90% of DISEASE?
Yes it does.
Your Emotions/thoughts = Stress = how YOU perceive your environment.
When under stress, we stop evolving. Our bodies shut down and we can’t perform optimally. Stress actually impairs growth!! And when growth is impaired, genes for DISEASE are up regulated.
How it works…
We perceive our environment in a certain way. Our thoughts create emotions, our emotions signal the Limbic system to start making chemicals that are RESPONDING to what they’ve perceived in their environment. Chemicals sent and affect every cell except for red blood cells and depending on the signal, whether it’s a stress signal or other, the cells will respond appropriately. If it’s a stressful signal, your DNA becomes tightly coiled and shuts down, not moving forward, not balanced, not in harmony.
Can we down regulate genes for disease from our parents?
• Meditation
• Change your environment OR how you perceive your environment
• Be mindful and do things ALL day that keep you present and that create feelings of happiness, love, and joy.
• Do your work! By doing and releasing trapped emotional trauma, you free yourself from being bogged down as this “stuff” holds you back from being your Healthiest Self! Find those who can help you clear the negative beliefs, patterns, and thoughts that are holding you back.
We have these tools 🛠 so we can Thrive!
And we are NOT dictated by our genetic destiny.
YOU have the ability to affect and make positive changes in your life, 💯%


quick tip #14

What is FLOW and Heart/Brain Coherence?                               

What is FLOW?
Known as being in the ZONE and according to a study in Mckinsley Magazine, those in the zone get work done 5X faster than those who aren’t in the zone.
What is Heart/Brain Coherence?
The process of intentional connection between heart and brain in order to have your HEART answer the tough questions and decisions we ALL face.
These tools put you light years ahead in terms of job efficiency and life management.
This connection has been studied at the HeartMath institute for almost 30 years.
Check out more about the Heart/Math Institute here. https://www.heartmath.org/


quick tip #15


Thyroid smoothie – Anthony Williams

  • 2 bananas
  • 1 cup frozen mangoes
  • Dulse flakes
  • Cup of spinach
Ok to add: raspberries, spirulina, juice from one orange, arugula, ginger, or aloe vera gel as you wish. 
If you are having difficulties getting your thyroid to cooperate, I highly encourage you to seek out a practitioner who can help find the emotional belief systems you’ve formed that are directly affecting your thyroid as every disease process starts FIRST on the emotional level.


quick tip #16

Brain Coherence

What is Brain coherence? Connection of R/L brain in order to better manage your day, tasks, organizational skills, etc. Studies have found that some of the greatest philosophers and artists knew about and understood this concept.
Most of use are either R or L brain dominant
• L brain – linear thinkers, mathematicians, analytical
• R brain – more creative, see the whole picture
How can we connect R and L brain for coherence and better skills management?
1. Meditation
2. Qi-Gong
3. Patching


quick tip #17

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

What is PCOS?
Metabolic Disorder based off a list of symptoms. Don’t need all symptoms
1. Weight gain/obesity
2. Prediabetes
3. Elevated cholesterol
4. Estrogen/testosterone dominant – Hirtsutism
5. Cysts on ovaries
6. Infertility issues
7. Acne
You weren’t born with PCOS, somewhere along the way in life you had a gene for PCOS that was turned “on”.
Natural ways to help manage
1. Anti inflammatory diet – avoid gluten, dairy, corn, canola oil, soy, and eggs
2. EAT berries, sweet potatoes, pomegranates, green sprouts, asparagus
3. Supplements such as turmeric, lemon balm, nettle leaf, raspberry leaf tea (also good for women struggling with their menses)
4. Exercise
5. Meditation
6. Heal your emotional trauma, learned behaviors and belief systems that aren’t serving you anymore.


quick tip #18

Managing Your Stress in Today’s World                                                                                

Managing our stress
1. #1 Thing – Do your OWN inner, emotional work.
2. Diet – anti inflammatory diet. 80% fruits and veggies. Would advise avoiding gluten, dairy, corn, canola oil, soy, and eggs. Via Anthony Williams, Medical Medium.
3. Vegan safe B12
4. Meditation, 10-15 minutes/day makes a significant difference
5. Exercise – yoga and Qi Gong
6. Burdock Root, Ashwaganda
7. HUG your loved ones at least 8 or more times/day for at least 10 seconds! This is so important.


quick tip #19

Avoiding Illness During Cold and Flu Season

1. Do your Emotional Work, MOST important.
2. Vegan Safe B12 – can find on amazon and getting 2 best utilized forms of B12, adenylcobalamin and methylcobalamin
3. Ginger and Tumeric – natural anti inflammatories
4. Vitamin D – 2000 IU’s/day
5. Good State Liquid Ionic Zinc
6. Anti inflammatory diet – 80% of diet in fruits/veggies, lean meats, healthy fats should be biggest portion of diet.
7. Exercise

8. Meditation – at least 10-15 minutes/day
9. Decrease stress levels.
10. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


quick tip #20

Migraine Prevention

Decreasing the intensity and frequency of your Migraines
1. Do your Emotional Work!!
2. Foods can be a huge trigger – biggest foods to avoid include gluten, dairy, corn, soy, canola oil, and eggs
3. Magnesium – if concerned with GI side effects use one in the chelated form
4. Muscle Rub – Freedom CBD
5. Sunbreeze
6. Fascia Blaster – Migraine protocol by Ashley Black
7. Get 6-8 hours of sleep/night for optimum performance
8. Cranial sacral, OMM, chiropractic therapy