MRNA Covid 19 Vaccine Safety In Pregnant Persons

This particular study was recently published in the New England Journal Of Medicine and is one of the MOST reputable medical journals we have today.

Their conclusions?

“Preliminary findings did not show obvious safety signals among pregnant persons who received mRNA Covid-19 vaccines. However, more longitudinal follow-up, including follow-up of large numbers of women vaccinated earlier in pregnancy, is necessary to inform maternal, pregnancy, and infant outcomes.”

In the study they note a 13.9% spontaneous miscarriage rate (< than 20 weeks gestation) in individuals who received their jabs.

When you look at this, and the known miscarriage rate (after a known and positive pregnancy test) of 10-20%, it seems normal and of no actual variance.

But…when you break down the miscarriage rate by each trimester what is found is a 92.3% miscarriage rate if the woman had the jab in her first trimester.

Meaning, 92.3% of the miscarriages occurred in the first trimester.

And her risk has jumped from 10-20% to 76%% risk!!

While it’s a known fact that miscarriage risk is the highest in the 1st trimester.

This high…not even.

Here’s the other kicker.

Pharmaceutical medications have a rating depending on the safety profile in pregnant and breastfeeding women.  I’ve seen 1 category A medication (meaning it’s actually been tested on pregnant women) in my entire career, super rare.  All other medications were only trialed on animals and given at least a category B.

For reference one of the most used medications in pregnancy, Tylenol, is a category B, only tested on animals.

We just DON’T test on pregnant women.

And I have never in the history of my career seen pharmaceutical companies SO eager to give pregnant women something that hasn’t even finished a study completion in healthy individuals yet (set to end 2022)…let alone the ones we want to protect the most as they are producing our future.

Maybe it’s because they have no legal ramifications if things go bad?

(Things that make you go…hmmmm.)

Here’s the other silly thing that doesn’t add up for me.  I’d love for any of my colleagues to please (kindly with no accusations or attack) to explain because it doesn’t make sense.

We know…

1. COVID illness has caused deaths – YES!

2. COVID vaccine has caused deaths – YES

3. Ivermectin has caused deaths – NO (please send me info if I’m wrong but I’ve yet to see known deaths from this when treating the virus)

*Has known side effect profile, fully studied

4. Hydroxychloroquin causes death – NO, again a fully studied safety profile

5. Querecetin caused death – NO (similar efficacy to HCQ)

6. Immunotherapy causes death – NO

Many, many docs have effectively used the above treatments and as long as given within the first few days have had a near 100% recovery.

So if this is the case, and these medications have way fewer potential side effects and very little concern for issues such as blood clots or heart inflammation, or fatigue and headaches that literally last weeks to months, or still haven’t ended yet for some.  Or worse those who’ve died from the jab OR the illness, then WHY is the jab being touted as the ONLY thing that will “Get life back to normal?”

Why are ALL the commercials about finally being hopeful? As if nothing else could get us there?

Well this study proves it has risks that are being hidden within the study.

We don’t need the jab to get back to normal, we have other options.

And I’m not reading this incorrectly.  Please tell me how it makes sense that women who have the jab in the first trimester should assume a 76% risk of miscarriage if they decide to get it?

This isn’t the only study that’s misleading.

First. Do. No Harm.  This should be #1.


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