The BōdWell Team

When “I” Becomes “We” Even Illness Becomes Wellness


Michele Cox, DO


Founder & Medical Director Of The Vessel IV Bar, New Mexico

Dr. Cox is an Anti-Aging & Performance Medicine PhysicianA proud veteran of the Navy and Coast Guard, she received her medical education from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Her practice is based on experience gained from serving diverse patient populations in several world-class, health-care facilities both in the United States and abroad. She places her healing emphasis on optimizing the human body at the molecular level. Dr. Cox is driven to redefine and optimize how communities experience hyper-wellness and longevity healthcare.

Becky Dembowski


Becky has been practicing and studying Numerology for over 17 years. She was first introduced to the concept of Numerology through her husband David, the bridge between the Science of Characteristics and Practical Numerology was born. At her core, connecting and building relationships’ with people is Becky’s true passion.  She is a space saver for like-minded individuals to come together and create.

She has a burning desire to share her knowledge with others who want more out of their own lives. Through numerology she will teach you the intricate details that will aid you in your communication with others and, more importantly, unlock your inner self. Becky has studied diligently through the teachings of the masters on the subject. She believes we are all students in life and that we should never stop learning. She is a graduate of spiritual awareness and awakening training. A Reiki Master I&II, has trained with Esther Hicks and Abraham, on Law of Attraction. In addition, Becky earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science. Understanding the science and the “why” behind various phenomena is at the core of her being. Becky is a published international children’s Author, photographer and Marketing Consultant.  Her numbers ring true in her everyday life and the cycles in which we thrive on are amplified when you know how the game is played.

Over the years, Becky has applied all that she’s studied and learned to design what she calls the “Name Game.” The Name Game combines the principles of Numerology and the Science of Characteristics to create a simple formula of assessing names and the vibration that each letter brings. This is another tool for your mindfulness toolbox, a resource for personal development and a way to better understand yourself and those around you. Becky created Meraki4Life to assist others in constructing a life full of light, joy and happiness! She is excited you have decided to join her on this beautiful Journey.



Bonnie McCliss

Clairvoyant Psychic Medium and Certified Hypnotherapist

Learning to fly means forgetting how to fall.  This is the personal life mantra of internationally successful psychic, Bonni McCliss. At the tender age of four Bonni began her relationship with spiritual beings. By the time she was young adult she was diagnosed psychic. Imagine being at rock bottom, in an endless place of dark with no comfort, then one day someone comes and throws the curtains open letting in the forgotten beauty of light.

That was when Bonni turned her head up and spread her wings.

Bonni now uses her unique gift to help individuals better understand their lives, by sharing the detailed information from divine messengers. We all have guides and Bonni instructs others to reach their highest potential and achieve their dreams through the life-changing messages she receives.

Praise and loyalty flow from the diverse international clientele Bonni serves that includes many celebrities and historically significant properties. She is widely known as a down-to-earth, inspirational messenger with extraordinary abilities and proven accuracy.

A mother, wife, leader, community activist, nature lover and entrepreneur, and Certified Hypnotherapist, Bonni and her family live with their many animal companions in a quaint community in Tennessee.

Debra Roman, DO

Family Practice Physician

Dr. Roman has worked as a Family Physician in clinical medicine for over 30 years – with a focus on enhancing the body’s inherent ability to heal and express health.  As a Board Certified Family Physician, she offers integrative medicine consultations and osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM) to individuals of all ages. With attention to each individual’s unique experience, she works in partnership with patients to identify and address the source of their symptoms and explore ways to ease stress and enhance their vitality.  And she integrates advanced training in nutrition, mindful practice, biodynamic osteopathy and integrative medicine into her work.

She is the founder of “Rediscovering Meaning In Our Work” and has developed a consulting and educational program with focus on the well-being of physicians and medical school students.  It includes workshops, conferences, presentations, individual and organizational consultations and discussion groups.

Other professional endeavors:

  • Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine for the Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine. 
  • Meaningful Work Physician – Offers individualized Meaningful Work consultations to physicians, medical school students and other healthcare professionals who would like to explore ways to ease stress, cultivate well-being and practice medicine in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling.
  • Director of Health and Well Being for Flow Aquatics Swim School. Works closely with company executives to create and develop an integrated, comprehensive and innovative wellness program in alignment with their organizational vision.
  • Speaker at medical conferences nationwide, exploring cutting-edge ways to enhance physician health and well being, achieve personal and professional fulfillment and cultivate compassion in healthcare. 
  • Writer: Finding Health Blog

Physician suicide is at an all time high and patients are sicker than ever before even with our medical advancements. The current medical system construct isn’t only NOT working, its also worsening the health of both Patients AND Physicians. Watch this incredible episode with Dr. Roman for FREE and learn how many feel the NEW approach to medicine should be practiced, not only for ourselves but most particularly for the health of our World.

Melissa Walsh

Intuitive Empath, Spiritual Guide, Energy Coach, Physician Assistant 

Aside from being a physician assistant, Melissa is an energy medicine practitioner and spiritual mentor and is on a mission to help “bridge the gaps” in healthcare. She helps people free themselves from emotional pain without reliving the past so they can be the highest versions of themselves and fulfill their heart’s desires. She does this through a variety of techniques including neuro-emotional work and helping us connect to our guides and angels.

Melissa is known for helping bridge people from sickness to health and from darkness to light. She does BIG PICTURE work, helping people see how they too are here on a mission to do big, meaningful things.

Kim Cluff

MRET, Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach

Kim began studying and practicing energy healing in 2007 after many years of struggling with depression, anxiety and chronic pain. Where traditional methods had fallen short, Kim began her search for alternative healing methods.  Kim found and focused on Rapid Eye Technology; a stress and trauma relief therapy, for doing her own personal work.  She experienced immediate success, and decided that Rapid Eye Technology was something she wanted to pursue, so she could help others overcome the challenges of life like she has.

Lightswitch, LLC was created in early 2016, when Kim’s vision of taking Rapid Eye to the world became a reality.  Since then, she has done hundreds of sessions with people struggling with many of the same issues she has.

Recently Kim began training as a Reiki practitioner to broaden her practice, and give people more options in their healing experience.  Reiki is life force energy that can heal the mind and body and works beautifully as a standalone practice, as well as in conjunction with RET.

Kim teaches classes and workshops, and lectures on the “Skills for Life” from the Rapid Eye Institute, to help individuals realign with their life’s purpose, renew their perspective and practice skills to create the life they were born to live!

Kim has also achieved her bachelor’s degree in psychology.  Her education has increased her ability to understand how the mind and body system work and has greatly enhanced her understanding of behavior as well. Kim’s practice of Rapid Eye incorporates everything she has learned into one great whole.  She loves going with people on their journey of healing and helping them learn to recognize and remember who they truly are.