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Freedom From Fear, Freedom To Flourish!

August 20, 2021 @ 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

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One event on September 14, 2021 at 7:30 pm

Freedom from Fear, Freedom to Flourish!  Regaining Safety and Connection After Trauma

A Learning Circle Hosted by Energy Therapist: Debra Brown Gordy

The pandemic significantly changed the way we live, work, and connect with others. Social and political unrest more fundamental and deeply felt and generations express our collective soul-hunger for transformation. Both have contributed to the collective stress and trauma we have experienced this past year.

Like many women, you may sense something big and world-changing is in process. Like many women you may be feeling an urgent, insistent call to fulfill your part.

It is a lot all at once, and the stress you feel may be increased, and still with you even now. Learn how releasing your stress and fears can liberate you to reclaim your sense of safety, connection with others, and live joyfully in the present. This sets the foundation to becoming the Heroine you were born to be, so you can confidently fulfill your Soul’s highest purpose.

Going beyond theory alone, in this Learning Circle you will learn practical self-care resources you can begin using right away, including:

  • The Daily Practice to stay energized, balanced, grounded, centered and present day to day, so you have more energy, can think more clearly, and respond with more ease, grace and flexibility to whatever your day brings.
  • Energy Therapy self-care resources to help you get more restful sleep.
  • How to boost your immune system naturally.
  • Insights and self-care practices from Polyvagal Theory to calm yourself after a frightening experience and empower you to retrain your autonomic nervous system to regain balance and a feeling of safety, peace and connection with others more easily.
  • The Freedom from Fear Self-care Process to powerfully support you to step out of fear, shift your energy and get out of the fight, flight, or freeze reaction quickly.

    Learning how to shift out of fear so you can flourish in your life and your marriage and embody your Sovereign Feminine Soul is the first step on your Heroine’s Journey to achieving your dreams and highest level work in the world.


I will be holding this class two times:

August 20th, 2:30 - 4:00 pm CDT

September 14th, 7:30-9:00 pm CDT

Debra Brown Gordy, MS MRET The Women’s Energy Psychology Therapist 500 x 500 px-min
About Debra Brown Gordy

Website: https://www.thesophiawomensinstitute.com/

Debra is a Women’s Energy Therapist, spiritual mentor, inspirational speaker, and the founder of The Sophia Women’s Institute. She began as a holistic Marriage and Family Therapist over 30 years ago, and then expanded into Energy Healing through discovering Rapid Eye Technology. She shares, “A client came for an appointment and told me he was going for a weekend for ‘Rapid Eye something’. The more he talked, the more strongly I felt urged that I needed to learn about it. I found Rapid Eye Technology and felt immediately the confirmation that this resource was something I had been looking for.

Why would I, a conventionally trained Marriage and Family Therapist, feel prompted and drawn to expand beyond the mainstream model of therapy? What was it that my clients even then, were more deeply hungering for? And how could I help them fulfill their deepest Desires? Searching for the answers to these questions, resolving and healing the aridity of Soul I felt professionally then, were what prompted me to
cross the thresh-hold of my own Journey into Energy Psychology.

When I did, I knew I was on the path home. I still feel today, the same excitement, enthusiasm and passion for Rapid Eye and Energy Psychology, that I felt then. I love what I do, because I feel so passionately that deep healing, transformation and Soul growth are such fundamental birthrights and purposes for this life, and that is exactly what Energy Psychology opens for clients.”

The work Debra now facilitates, was born from her expansion into Energy Psychology. Today she guides other women through their own Heroines’ Journeys of Soul-deep healing, growth, and transformation to the freedom they need, so they can embody their Sovereign Feminine Souls, and fulfill their heart’s Desires for deepened love, joy, and fulfillment. They finally can do That Thing they know they came into this life to do – the Soul mission that only they can fulfill.

Through the years she has been guiding other women, Debra has witnessed again and again, the profound depth and completeness of what is possible. From her own experiences and those of her clients, she shares 3 insights about how to realize this level of healing:

 “The importance, necessity and transformative power of finding and healing core wounds.

 “The crucial central need is to find the story, no matter how hidden or how deep, underlying our core wounds, … When the real story of the wounding is unveiled, so is the pathway and power to heal it. No matter how deep, or how hidden the wound or trauma, if you find the story, invisible roots, and origin, and where it is anchored within you, lasting, profound, comprehensive healing is possible.

 “Healing like this is the deepest, most comprehensive and life-changing healing of all, and always includes spiritual healing, which is a return to your True Self.”

Through many years of facilitating this kind of work, Debra observes that “when we find, heal and release the core wounds deep within us, our lives change forever.

Debra is excited to be a part of this growing community, and warmly invites Bodhi members to join the waitlist for the next session of her beginning workshop: Freedom from Fear, Freedom to Flourish.


August 20, 2021
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm