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“After following the advice of Dr, Peavey, I am no longer on antidepressants or anxiety medication. I have lost 15 lbs by incorporating morning walks, fruits and vegetable, vitamin supplements, and meditation. Within a week of these changes, my outlook on life changed dramatically. I even caught myself whistling throughout the day when before, all I wanted to do was hide out in my bedroom.”

-Hector C.


“Dr. Peavey is an amazing Doctor who got me through some of the toughest times in my life. When my weight and depression were spiraling, she accurately diagnosed my hormone condition, and was quickly able to treat both my physical and mental health without the need for piles of long-term prescriptions (I take low dose meds and everything else is holistic/vitamins/diet).

When it was believed I was infertile, her diet, exercise type, and supplement information resulted in pregnancy.

When I seriously injured my back, she refused to allow other doctors’ offices to give me the runaround and finally got me the treatment I needed. When that pain trauma triggered fibromyalgia in my body, she helped me manage the pain in ways the prescriptions just could not do alone.”

Kathryn O.


“I would recommended BōdWell to anyone who is ready to take the reins on their overall health management, but especially those who have chronic issues, mystery conditions or are recovering. Dr. Elisa Peavey’s comprehensive expertise and first-hand experience allowed her to quickly assess me and zero in on what would get me feeling better now and in the long run.

After having 4 major surgeries in 4 years, and with long recoveries, I emerged more resilient with a new perspective and new tools. However, piecing together what a hand-full of therapists and physicians were telling me independently was struggling to say the least. I needed to know the best way to manage my overall recovery. Dr. Peavey asked insightful questions and clarified a plan that helped me not just address my problem areas, but feel better overall. She also checked in on my progress to help troubleshoot along the way.
She’s passionate, she cares, and she knows what works!”
-Kat A.