Thank you for being a part of the QUANTAL U COMMUNITY!

Quantal U is a diverse program that provides education on a variety of healing therapies and modalities. And within those modalities, our Cooperative Healing Network lists practitioners that are amazing in that area. We want to provide you with trusted professionals that will support your health journey.

One of the main concerns people have are the affordability and cost, as most practitioners aren’t able to take insurance. Therefore, the client has to come up with the additional cost themselves. We want to create ways for everyone to have access to the healthcare of their choosing without financial barriers.

Introducing the Bodhi Bucks Program!

Refer at least 3 people to Quantal U, and earn Bodhi Bucks towards ANY physician (including MYSELF), artist, practitioner, or business listed within the Cooperative Healing Network. Once they sign up, you’ll immediately receive the money in your Bodhi Bucks account.

Get 3 practitioners to enroll earn $25 Bodhi bucks

Get 2 practitioners + 1 individual subscriber earn $20 Bodhi Bucks

Get 1 Practioner + 2 individual subscribers earn $15 Bodhi Bucks

Get 3 individual subscribers earn $10 Bodhi Bucks

Once you’ve referred three people, you’ll earn more Bodhi Bucks for each additional person that joins.

When your members sign up, please ask them to state in the comments that they were recruited by YOU so that we can be sure to give you the proper credit.

Excited to get you started and earning your Bodhi bucks to becoming the healthiest person YOU know!