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Yesterday I was clever, I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself (~Rumi), is the personal life mantra of proud Osteopathic physician Doctor Elisa Peavey.   She received her medical education at AT Still University, KCOM in 2010 and completed her family medicine residency at Oklahoma State University in Tulsa, OK in 2013.

Since then she’s worked in both the private and employed sector of medicine as an FP/OB.

Growing up with an OB Gyn father and energy worker for a Mom she acquired a very unique perspective when it came to health.  It was for this reason that she left traditional medicine in 2020 with a calling to lean more into the spiritual, the alternative, and the mystical after realizing our health system was failing so many. 

Dr. Peavey now works closely with people of all ages, from teenagers and up, who are searching for health in a deeper, more meaningful way.  She offers a variety of tools that not only include the physical such as the importance of healthy food and exercise but more importantly offers tools and a network of practitioners, physicians, intuitives, and others to aid their connection with angelic guides, their higher selves, and own personal inner-knowing.  She believes that it is only through emotional and spiritual healing that we can realize who we truly are to live a more heart-centered and balanced life.

Join her as she discusses her background and shares her vision behind Bodhi, video series Quantal U, and new program BōdWell.


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