About Quantal U

We are energy beings and as such should be treating this aspect of ourselves when treating disease.

Quantal U is a video series that provides evidence and science based proof that we’re not only made of energy but also have an energy field surrounding us, called the Quantum Field.  This field of energy holds important information about each of us and is energetically connected to EVERYTHING matter, meaning it’s connected to everything in the Universe.  The planets, the stars, all the way down to the rocks and soil.

Not only are we energetically connected but everything we come in contact with impacts our field in a positive or negative way, impacting our health along the way.  Quantal U goes into depth on how to keep our fields clear of debris to resonate at the highest frequency possible and live our healthiest lives. 

Energy medicine is based on the science that changes in the “life force” of the body, including the electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields, affect human health and can promote healing.