About Quantal U

We are energy beings and, as such, should be treating this aspect of ourselves when treating disease.

Quantal U is a video series that provides evidence and science-based proof that we’re not only made of energy, but also have an energy field surrounding us called the Quantum Field.  This field of energy holds important information about each of us and is energetically connected to EVERYTHING matter, meaning it’s connected to everything in the Universe.  The planets, the stars, all the way down to the rocks and soil.

Not only are we energetically connected, but everything we come in contact with impacts our field in a positive or negative way, impacting our health along the way.  Quantal U goes into depth on how to keep our fields clear of debris to resonate at the highest frequency possible and live our healthiest lives.

Energy medicine is based on the science that the changes occurring in the “life force” of the body (including the electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields) effect human health and can promote healing.

The Missing Link in Traditional Medicine, Ep1

Traditional medicine is missing an integral piece of KNOWLEDGE when it comes to treating our health. It treats mostly the PHYSICAL and forgets the fact that we are ALSO energy beings. We should look at and treat this aspect of ourselves as well. Check out the FIRST episode of my Quantal U series for FREE to learn ALL about this and more!

The Field, Ep2

Watch as Dr. Peavey explains the SCIENCE behind the existence of the Field of Energy that is not only a part of each of us, but also connects us to everything else in the Universe as well.

Emotions, Thoughts, and our Learned Behaviors, Ep3

How important are your thoughts, emotions, and learned behaviors when it comes to your health?  The MOST important.  Learn all about this and more. 

Meditation And Heart/Brain Coherence, Ep 4

How important IS meditation and heart/brain coherence for your overall health? Watch as we explore this and more.

Rapid Eye Technology, Ep5

Developed out of a mother’s love for her son, this incredible energy modality helps you unravel and process any and all emotional trauma that you haven’t dealt with yet – starting at your birth, and including generational ties. Watch for more details.

BEST And Emergence Process, Ep6​

Have bad patterns that you can’t break (such as smoking, alcohol, or worse)? Or is that car accident when you were 13 still causing severe anxiety in almost every aspect of your life? If so, check out how this amazing modality can help.

Acupuncture, Ep7

Watch as we explore the history and premise behind one of the OLDEST energy healing modalities that we still use today!

Biofield Tuning, Ep8

Discover how Biofield Tuning can help clear trapped emotional trauma that is keeping you stuck from moving forward. Instead of years and years of talk therapy, watch how a few sessions of this amazing modality can do the same thing!

Direct Primary Care, Physician Suicide Awareness, And What To Do About Our FAILING Healthcare System, Ep9

Physician Suicide

Physician suicide is at an all-time high, and patients are sicker than ever before – even with our medical advancements. The current medical system construct isn’t only NOT working, but often worsens the health of both patients AND physicians. Watch this FREE episode and learn how many feel the NEW approach to medicine should be practiced, not only for ourselves, but for the health of our world.

Therapeutic Massage, Ep10

Learn all about the amazing benefits of Holistic Massage!

Singing Bowl Therapy, Ep 11

Come discover the ancient and healing world of Tibetan and Singing Bowl Therapy.

Crystal and Stone Healing, Ep12

Explore the healing benefits of Crystal and Stone Therapy.

AO Frequency Scanner, Ep13

Did you ever imagine that the science behind all those Star Trek movies could possibly be real? In this episode, we discuss how very possible and real it is. Not only that, but it’s available to everyone. Watch Today!

Medicinal and Healing Benefits of Cannabis, Ep14

Ever wonder what the medicinal and healing benefits of cannabis encompass? Watch and learn its benefits, history, and how to choose the correct product for YOU.

Direct Primary Care, Ep15

WATCH today to learn the intricate in-and-outs of Direct Primary Care, an alternative healthcare model that cuts out the middleman we all know as insurance. Whether you’re a patient, doctor, nurse, or other medical staff, this episode is a MUST see.

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) And Higher Self Awareness, Ep 16

Suffering from chronic pain, a mystery illness, or other debilitating disease? Have you seen doctor after doctor, but are still not getting answers? If so, this episode is a MUST WATCH as you learn how important your EMOTIONS are when it comes to getting to the root of what’s causing your pain. Additionally, learn how by connecting with and growing an awareness of your higher self not ONLY improves your health, but also your life. Watch today!

Osteopathy & The Mind/Body Connection, Ep 17

How important is the Mind/Body connection when it comes to treating disease?

Its EVERYTHING! WATCH to learn why this important practice should be implemented in every doctor’s office.

Medical Intuition, Ep 18

Take a look inside of a medical intuitive and see how their gifts are incredible tools in the medical world.

Root Cause, Ep 19

WATCH today to learn the importance of getting to the ROOT cause and why it’s more important than simply treating the symptoms.

Functional Health Coach, Ep 20

Ever wonder if working with a health coach is right for you? Come learn what they do, how they can help, and how they could be the EXACT tool you’re looking for on your journey to health.